“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”.
John Ruskin

In John Ruskin’s words is guarded the daily activity of our job.

The method makes the difference and Troughout Italy only two distilleries continue to realize Grappa as it used to be.

We produce Grappa by distillation of only pomaces with discontinuous still at direct fire.

A process that requires more time and more resources, but the final result gives greater satisfaction to us and our customers.

The fire that directly warms our pomaces, if managed and controlled with experience, extracts the truest essence of the grape and harmonises the best volatile components.

Our Grappa tells, with real aromas and flavors, the history of the vines of our territory.

We don’t add aromas and leave it white.

Luca Mastromattei
Master Distiller “Distilleria Nardecchia”


The grappa

Grappa is italian by tradition, culture and law.

  • The regulation of the European Union n.  1576/89 reserves to Italy, the exclusive name of Grappa. It can be called Grappa the only distillate of italian marc produced in Italy.
  • DPR 297/97 defines its characteristics.

Our Grappa is natural, we don’t add anything in the boiler other than water and grape marc.
These, selected, contain no preservatives. No aroma is added to the final product.

The distillation period shall be that immediately following the harrest and ends within 2/3  months to preserve all the aromas of the various vines.

We are not fanatics about the natural product but we are convinced that if you respect the nature of the substances, the product may be exceptional.

The Vermouth


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