Artisan Vermouth AUGUSTO

Vermouth is a wine fortified by the addition of alcohol and flavoured with various spices. Augusto is made with one of the oldest Piedmontese recipes, is kept in infusion for about 3 weeks and kept in oak barrels for at least six months. The partucularity of our Vermouth is given by the fact that wine and fortifying alcohol come from the same grape.
This ensures harmony plus “round” of flavors and aromas.


Physical characteristics:
Vermouth obtained by fortifying wine fron native vines Maturano and Pampanaro with Grappa from the same marc. Flavouring by infusion.

Alcoholic content:
20 % Vol.

made with sucrose in size of 6 % in weight

Geographical area – grape marc origin:
Lazio: Palazzo Tronconi S. r. l. (Arce-FR)

Grape origin:
Maturano e Pampanaro (autoctoni-Lazio- Italy)

Distillation method:
discontinuous still at direct fire with steel boiler, steel coil with water bath for head removal, copper deflemmer with sprayed and cooled head for heart extraction. Tail not extracted


Vermouth Dry
Period of distillation of the Grappa: October- November 2016.

glass grappa for 3 months, vermouth in barrique for 6 months


Aromatic essence in infusion: 
wormwood, Melissa, gentian, rhubarb, Angelica, cloves, star anise, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, licorice, black pepper, cardamom, junioer, karkade

Olfactory analysis:
intense perfume, persistent and aromatic

Tactile and gustatory evaluation:
balanced but decidedly dry

Serving temperature

8° – 11° C

Consume and pairings

Tradition proposes Vermouth as an aperitif, but the fullness and richness of taste expertly articulated, make Vermouth Augusto suitable for consumption even at the end of a meal, in the evening or in the breaks.

You taste it slowly, first with the sense of smell to start discovering the plot of the many flavors and moods, you expect the feeling of well-being predispose favorably the receptivity of the taste terminals and when you taste it like a small but intense emotion.

It is drunk smooth and cold, perhaps with ice and in an important and round glass with a slightly closed mouth and can adorned with a slice of orange or peach.

Excellent as a base for cocktails, traditional and not, based on Vermouth.