Artisan Grappa FIAMMA


Phisycal characteristics:
Grappa obtained exclusively from fermented and distilled marc directly with the addiction of drinking water.

Alcohol content:
Methyl alcohol content 180 g/hl- volatile substances other than ethyl and methyl alcohols exceeding 140 g/hl alcohol 100.

Alcoholic content:
45 % Vol.

made with 1,5 g/l fructose

Geographical area – grape marc origin:
Lazio: Cantina Coletti Conti – Anagni (FR)

Grapes origin:
Cesanese del Piglio D.O. C. G. Superiore

Distilation method:
discontinuous still at direct fire with steel boiler, steel coil with water bath for head removal, copper deflemmer with sprayed and cooled head for heart extraction. Tail not extracted


Young Grappa
Period of distillation: October- November 2018

in glass from distillation

Sensory analysis

Visual evaluation:
colourless and crystalline- totally transparent-does not contain powdery suspensions

Olfactory analysis
intense and persistent bouquet. Aromas characterized by notes of underbrush, truffle,cherry

Tactile and gustatory evaluation
round, balanced and decidedly soft

Serving temperature

10° – 13° C

Consume and pairings

meditation Grappa to be enjoyed accompained by dark chocolate, dries fruit, spoon sweets.